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Multispeciality Hospital in South Delhi

Obstetrics and Gynecology

Spring Meadows, a multispecialty hospital in South Delhi, has a well-equipped department of Gynaecology and Obstetrics department which takes care of the welfare of the woman in a holistic manner. The team, along with advanced medical technology at this hospital, has the right expertise in handling the common to the complicated problems in woman. Be it, urinary incontinence, pre-marital counselling, counselling on sexual health, breast and ovarian care, and hygiene-related issues of adolescents. Spring Meadows fully understands the significance and complexities of a woman’s health. With a team of dedicated, skilled, and experienced professionals, Spring Meadows spread awareness amongst the masses of people on the significance of wellbeing of a woman.

Pediatrics & Neonatology

Spring Meadows is a reputed multispecialty hospital in South Delhi which has a Pediatrics and Neonatology department with a skilled and experienced team of specialists. This department is actively involved in providing high-quality healthcare to little children as well as new-born babies. The dedicated team of paediatricians and neonatologists not only expertly take care of issues like cold or fever but also counsel parents in special post-natal programs about the importance of immunizing children with vaccinations. The department even has kids–zone full of toys to make the children feel at home. It is very well equipped to take care of any complications and in case of emergencies, runs 24×7 to provide multispecialty care to children.


Orthopedics (Bone, Spine and Joint Institute)

Spring Meadows Hospital has an established orthopaedic department with skilled staff that follow an evidence-based approach which helps in the proper diagnosis and successful treatment. It can treat a wide range of orthopaedic issues like slipped discs, fractures, and problems related to shoulder, spine, or elbows, to name a few. They have a team of experienced orthopaedic doctor who is an expert in treating sports or accidental injuries, as well as other issues related to bones, or ligaments and procedures like arthroscopy. The department also has expertise in dealing with all accidental and musculoskeletal injuries. They also provide high-quality rehabilitation and outpatient care after surgery, thus making it a multispeciality hospital in south delhi.


Ear, Nose, and Throat (ENT)

Spring Meadows, a well-known multispecialty hospital in South Delhi, has an efficient ENT department with skilled doctors and the best equipment for handling patients. The department can take care of all issues related to ear, nose, neck, and throat. They can effectively treat conditions like sinusitis, tinnitus, adenoids, or tonsilitis. The department has very skilled and experienced ENT specialists such as audiologists, speech and language therapists supported by well-trained nurses. All areas related to otolaryngology are taken care of such as nasal endoscopy, audiometry, microsurgery for eardrums, rhinoplasty, and speech therapy. The department uses technologically advanced devices for all procedures, be it simple diagnosis or any complicated surgery. With the advancement in their technological treatment, the hospital is labelled as a multi-speciality hospital in Delhi

Internal Medicine

A multispecialty hospital in South Delhi, Spring Meadows has an Internal medicine department which has a team of skilled and experienced doctors who specialize in the treatment of internal organs. Be it heart, kidney, GI tract, muscles, or any other; they can excellently handle any issues related to them. They provide the best possible treatment for diseases such as hypertension or diabetes, which afflict internal organs and also treat other ailments such as typhoid, malaria, or chickenpox. This department is the backbone of the hospital, which treats patients in the emergency room with symptoms such as fever, anaemia, injuries, or reactions to any substance. There is an immunization facility available in the department and also a 24×7 ambulance service for patients.

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General and Minimal Access Surgery

Spring Meadows, a famous multispecialty hospital in South Delhi with a specialized General and minimal access surgery department. It comprises of skilled and experienced surgeons who dedicatedly follow the guidelines of the World Health Organization to perform their surgeries. They use the latest medical equipment for their operative procedures through cutting edge surgical care. This department has conducted successfully many operations such as Laparoscopic, Hernia, Cholecystectomy, Pile, Skin, Breast and many more. They provide comprehensive aftercare consultation to all their patients from OPD, emergency and Admission. The team aims at promoting the holistic wellbeing of the patients.

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Spring Meadows hospital is 30 bedded Multispeciality Hospital in South Delhi having personalized maternity rooms for the expecting mothers, fully equipped deluxe and suite rooms, LDR.

Multispeciality Hospital in South Delhi


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