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5 Myths about Spine Surgery

Have you tried everything but still the pain in your back is not going away? Exercises, massages, and pain relievers nothing is working to provide you relief? The question that next might be arising in your head would be that whether or not to go for spine surgery? There are so many myths regarding spine surgeries that are floating around that would have made making a decision even harder. Before deciding on to anything the first thing is to make yourself aware of is all those myths and the truth behind it. You should always take your doctor’s opinion who will suggest you the weather surgery is the solution to your problem or not. If you have any spine-related issues and concerns you should always go for the best hospital for spine surgery in Delhi which is the Spring Meadows Hospital.

  • Myth#1: Spine Surgeries are always major surgeries: It is not necessary every spinal procedure will be a major procedure. There are many spine surgeries that are just minimally invasive i.e instead of a large cut only small incisions are made. These procedures require very little time for recovery and are generally faster. There are very fewer chances of infections and post-surgical pains, and also there is not much scarring caused.
  • Myth#2: Spine surgeries are always recommended by spine specialists: Surgery is an option that your spine specialist must consider but it is not the only option. They might recommend you physical therapy or acupuncture as well for curing your problem. Surgery is the last option that they might consider.
  • Myth#3: The recovery process is unbearably painful after spine surgery: After every surgery, there is some amount of pain which everyone feels. You will feel the worst pain in the first one to three days which will then subside as time passes. Some mild or moderate pain will be felt by you for up to six weeks after the surgery but there will be not any sort of severe pain.
  • Myth#4: It takes forever to recover after spine surgery: Recovery factors depend on a lot of factors like your age, the part of the back which is operated, the overall health of the patient and the specific procedure which is performed. Some back surgeries do take some time to heal but not all. Surgeries like discectomy or foraminotomy take only a couple of weeks to heal. On the other hand surgeries such as laminectomy or fusion can take at least 3 to 4 months for the bones to heal. In some cases, it might also take a year to make it heal completely. You should discuss it with your surgeon what to expect in terms of the recovery time and what all physical activities you will be allowed during that phase.
  • Myth#5: Pain Killers will become an addiction after surgery: Painkillers like opioids are really addictive and are really strong pain medications prescribed that are mostly prescribed after the surgery for the pain. But instead of them, your spine specialist might prescribe you with some other alternatives which are medications for reducing nerve pain, some anti-inflammatory drugs, or certain medications that help in releasing chemicals for reducing pain. And, while the recovery process is going on after surgery then your physician will also recommend some non-medical forms of recovery like physical therapy and rehab. You will not only just be relying on medications.

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