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6 Tips To Help You With A Speedy Recovery After Hip Replacement Surgery

Hip replacement surgery, also known as hip hemiarthroplasty or hip arthroplasty, is very commonly heard of nowadays. It is a major surgical process wherein the orthopedic surgeon supplants the problematic hip joint using an artificial one.

Thanks to the advancement of medical science and technology, a hip replacement surgery at the best facilities like Spring Meadows Hospital, can now offer a second lease of life to millions of people who were earlier suffering from hip problems.

But just undergoing surgery is not enough. The best orthopedic doctor in Delhi says that it is equally important to ensure post-surgery care for the speediest and safest recovery after a hip surgery.

Here are 6 tips that’ll help you to recover really fast –

  1. You have to follow the guideline provided by your doctor strictly. When the surgeon advises strict bed rest, you must comply by remaining at rest, no matter how hard it seems. Unless you allow your hip to rest completely, it will never get a chance to heal properly. So avoid taking any chances!
  2. Be very cautious once you start moving around. Regular physiotherapy sessions and the proper exercises will help you to get well soon. Along with all that you have to be very careful about your movements to eliminate the chances of falling or tripping as this might make your condition worse and you might have to get admitted to the hospital once again. If you fall the replacement might become useless as there is a risk of dislocation and you can’t really afford this kind of trauma at this stage. Be extra careful while in the kitchen, bathrooms and try to avoid using rugs and doormats that tend to slip.
  3. Try to raise your legs and use pillows to rest your legs at a height at bedtime. This should be done to avoid swelling in the lower portion. Swelling can be dangerous as it will impair your swift movements for life. But do talk to your doctor first and seek his recommendations – do not try anything on your own.
  4. Use the right equipment that will help you perform your daily activities easily. Use leg lifters, bendable bath sponges, a shoehorn with a long handle, stocking donners along with handy grabbers. These will restrict your hip movement as you will not have to bend too much, initially bending should be refrained. Unnecessary pressure on the hip bone might not be good for the hip.
  5. Get lift chairs. Experienced hip surgeons at Spring Meadows Hospital suggest their patients undergoing hip surgery to buy lift chairs. This is again done to reduce the unnecessary pressure on the joints. Less pressure and less strain mean you will recover pretty soon.
  6. Use adjustable height toilets. Surgeons acclaimed for performing the best hip replacement surgery in Delhi suggest that the patients must use handicap or comfort height toilets rather than the temporarily elevated toilet apparatus because these can become dirty. Besides, there’s a chance of spreading infection. The comfort height toilets are very comfortable for patients who have undergone joint replacement also they can permanently use these comfort toilets. If possible try to sit and take a shower for that use a shower chair which is very convenient. Always take support while walking in and out of a shower to avoid the chances of falling or slipping.

Recovering from hip replacement surgery is smooth when you listen to your doctor and are cautious. You can expect to resume your normal basic activities within the first three to six weeks after undergoing the surgery.