Best Doctor For Urinary Tract Infection in Delhi

Tips on preventing Urinary Tract Infection

Urinary tract infections are bacterial infections which occur in the urinary tract of the body. It can take place either in the bladder or kidneys or in any other area like the tubes. It is known mostly to affect women and children, though men can also be infected but not much frequently. UTI’s are usually cured with antibiotics in around three days if you visit urinary tract infection hospital on time. However, if you continue to ignore it, then complications may result only if treatment is not done in proper time.

How to know if you suffer from UTI

  • Some common symptoms of urinary tract infection are:
  • You may feel an urgent need to urinate many more times than usual.
  • You may experience pain or a burning sensation while passing urine.
  • You may suffer from pain in the body, especially the abdomen area or muscles.
  • Feelings of nausea, along with vomiting are common
  • The urine may be smelly, and the color could be different from usual.

Causes and Risks associated with UTI

Some of the causes and risk factors for urinary tract infection are:

  • Many women get infected after menopause because of less estrogen produced.
  • People using a catheter for passing urine due to some illness are vulnerable to infections.
  • The presence of kidney stones can lead to infections.
  • People with low immunity are more prone to UTI.
  • Children born with defects in urinary tracts.
  • Some birth control methods can be the cause of urinary tract infections.
  • People who are more sexually active are at higher risk of diseases.
  • Chances of infections are more if the person has recently undergone some procedure in the urinary tract.

Preventing UTI

By following these tips, you can prevent yourself from getting a urinary tract infection:

  • It is essential to keep yourself hydrated. So, drink water throughout the day as it will flush out the bacteria from your body. Drinking coconut water can help as it has anti-bacterial properties and electrolytes, which is beneficial for treating UTI.
  • Maintain proper hygiene around the area of the genitals. If possible, you can use good anti-bacterial soaps to clean the area.
  • Try not to use any product that contains perfumes on or around the genital area.
  •  It is advisable for you to wipe the genital and anal area thoroughly after passing of urine and after emptying the bowels.
  • Try to pass urine at frequent intervals. Do not hold it for long periods. This is one of the significant causes of why women are likely to suffer from UTI.
  • Don’t wear undergarments that are tight and ensure that they are made of cotton. It is necessary to keep the genital area dry.
  • Drinks containing caffeine can irritate your bladder and alcohol also has a similar effect. So, it is best to avoid them.
  • It is an excellent practice to urinate immediately after intercourse to prevent UTI.
  • It is better to use good quality sanitary pads during your periods and dispose of the same within 5 hours. Wearing it for too long can lead to UTI.
  • Consult a doctor to select a birth control method that is safe for you. Some of them increase your risk of infections.
  • Some studies show that drinking Cranberry juice helps to keep away urinary tract infection.

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