Best Laparoscopic Surgery Treatment in Delhi

Benefits and Risks of Laparoscopic Surgery

Nobody wants to undergo a surgery but many a times unfortunately and unexpectedly our health requires medical intervention
in the form of a surgery. In this blog, we will discuss about laparoscopic surgery.

A laparoscopic Surgery is a modern technique for treating patients who require an abdominal surgery.

Although, surgeries are troublesome but medical advancement has reduced a lot of risk associated with patient’s life, symptoms and pain. Over the last few decades, this surgery has replaced traditional methods of operations and has made it easy for patients. laparoscopic surgery ensures faster recovery than open surgery and also cosmetically better with smaller scars.

Under this kind of surgery, a tube that has tiny camera called a laparoscope and surgical instruments are inserted in the body through a small cut to see the inside of a body. The body parts are filled with carbon dioxide to inflate the organs and this provides a clear view of the organs and allows the doctor to conduct a proper examination of the abdominal and pelvic issues. After monitoring the issue, the surgeon performs the operation. The tiny camera displays the images of the organs on the connected monitor.

Laparoscopic surgeries can be performed for treating Crohn’s disease, diverticulitis, rectal prolapse, ulcerative colitis, cancer. Laparoscopic surgeries are safe for treating certain abdominal cancer like that of colorectal cancer.

Benefits & Risks of undergoing a laparoscopic surgery

The surgery, however, has its own fair share of benefits and risks and are listed below:

1. Smaller Cuts: A traditional surgery involves cuts that range from 6-10 inches whereas in Laparoscopic surgery the cuts are just 0.5-1cm. This reduces the pain which is why it is preferable by the doctors and patients.

2. Less pain: Since the incisions are small, the blood loss is limited making these surgeries less awful for the patients. Another wonderful benefit of laparoscopic surgery which couldn’t be possible without medical advancement.

3. Quick Recovery: The hospitalization is just for a few days. Thus, when the person goes back to his/her home the recovery is quick due to small incisions. Therefore, person returns to his normal functioning swiftly. Isn’t that another wonderful benefit?

4. Reduced risk of Infection: In laparoscopic surgery, there is reduced risk of contamination of other internal organs of the body.

Every surgery has the potential for anasesthetic and surgical complications. However, with adequate precaution the possibilities for such complications come down drastically.

Always remember to keep your surgeon updated about your progress. Do not miss appointments and take all the medicines on time. It is very crucial to follow all the instructions given by your surgeon for speedy recovery. In case, there is anything unusual like excessive pain, fever, increased menstrual bleeding prevailing for many days, contact your doctor immediately and do not panic.