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Foods an Orthopedic Patient Must Avoid

Orthopedic patients refer to the people suffering from diseases and ailments related to muscles, ligament or bones. Orthopedic problems are very common among individuals particularly women who are aged above 40.
Although, such problems are non-risky but it can potentially interfere with routine tasks. Some common orthopedic issues are knee problems, torn cartilages and ligaments, dislocated shoulder, fractures or diseases like arthritis, osteoarthritis etc. However, in some cases, such issues need to be treated via surgery and you can consider orthopedics treatment in Delhi.
Thus, it becomes essential for orthopedic patients to take the right food and nutrition for their speedy recovery and bone healing. Doctors today recommend women to start taking calcium and vitamin D supplements to support their bone health. You can also consult the best orthopedic treatment hospital in Delhi if your daily activities are hampered by musculoskeletal complaints.

Important Nutrients for Orthopedic Patients:
Food can rightly impact the health of a person and it stands true for the orthopedic patients too:

Protein is the main component for bones in human body. A person post-surgery should increase the intake of protein by adding soybeans, spinach, peas, lentils, meat and eggs in their diet. Vegetarians are less likely to consume the adequate intake of protein, hence should be careful about sufficient protein content of diet.

Calcium is another important component for orthopedic patients. It is very necessary to take the required amount of calcium in your diet in order to have strong and healthy skeletal system. The food items that are rich in calcium are dairy products like milk, cheese, tofu, yogurt etc. For calcium to get absorbed in the body, it is mandatory to consume vitamin D which is commonly found in milk. Direct Sunlight exposure on exposed skin also helps the body to manufacture Vit D.

Vitamins are the third most important part of the diet for orthopedic patients. It helps in repairing broken tissues and heals surgical wounds. Vitamin rich food items include fishes, salmon and fruits like apple, kiwi and strawberries.

Seven Food to avoid
Apart from medicines prescribed by the doctor, it is the diet that makes a huge difference for patients. Hence, it is equally important to avoid the food that harms orthopedic patients. Consumption of such foods increases the problems for the patients. These food items include:

1. Sugar: Patients generally suffering from osteoarthritis and knee pain should avoid sugar as higher sugar levels in body are associated with inflammatory process in the body. Intake of sugar might worsen the condition of sufferer.
2. High levels of Salt: Consuming too much of salt can cause joint swelling which is again bad for Osteoarthritis patients. Low salt diet also offers some protection from osteoporosis.
3. Refined Carbohydrates: Products like bread, white rice, potatoes must be avoided as they can stimulate inflammation due to formation of advanced Glycation End (age) products.
4. Packaged Food: It is crucial to avoid processed snacks as they contain fats that can stimulate inflammation.
5. Alcohol: Post surgery, it is advisable to limit the consumption of alcohol as it causes hindrance to the healing process. Alcohol consumption also causes osteoporosis.
6. Caffeine: Caffeine is another element that worsens the situation for orthopedic patients by decreasing calcium absorption from diet. This can be prevented by avoiding caffeinated drinks and taking adequate calcium daily. Therefore, a person must curb his or her caffeine intake by reducing soda, coffee and caffeinated drinks.
7. Citric acid: Manufactured citric acid used as preservative in foods is known to stimulate inflammation. Natural source of citric acid (orange, lemons) may be beneficial due to Antioxidant effect of Vit c.
As we all know diet plays a key role in development and growth of our body, it is important to go for the correct diet after thorough consultation about orthopedics treatment with the doctor. Therefore, check what is right and what is wrong for the orthopedic patients specially the ones recovering from a surgery.

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