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Increased Spine Problems in Youngsters and Treatment

Very often, we find adults complaining about spine problems like back pains or spondylolysis and seeking medical help from the spine doctor in Delhi. However, in recent years there have been increased cases of such complaints in the younger generation also. One primary reason behind this is the poor lifestyle habits of today’s younger generation such as bad posture, overeating, lack of proper exercise, excessive usage of mobiles etc. The other reasons could be hereditary conditions, medical reasons, congenital disabilities, injuries etc. which may be contributing to the spine problems.

Depending on the above mentioned cause, these conditions can be successfully treated by proper examination, diagnosis and treatment by the best spine doctor in Delhi. First, let us go through some of the common medical conditions and the best possible treatment for them:

1. Spondylolysis: This is a common complaint among youngsters with symptoms of back pain caused by a fracture or fault in the posterior spine. It could be caused by any sport or activity that involves twisting like football or gymnastics.
Treatment for such complaints usually involves temporarily avoiding such activities or sports that cause the condition. Then the focus would be on doing exercises to strengthen the core like some specific stretching exercises. Sometimes wearing a brace for the back could provide relief. In instances of severe pain, surgery may also be suggested.

2. Chronic or acute pain due to strain: This is another common complaint which is caused mostly due to weak muscles in the core or because of an improper balance in muscle strength.

These kinds of pain usually get better with periods of moderate activity combined with rest. Applying ice may also provide relief, along with some anti-inflammatory medication. For core strength building, stretching exercises for the hamstring along with specific exercises for the abdomen will prove beneficial.

3. Kyphosis: In this condition, the complaint is usually a pain in the back. The improper posture of the spine among youngsters today is one of the leading causes of this condition.

Treatment in these cases usually involves improvement in the spinal posture combined with exercises targeted for developing the core strength of the body. Severe cases of kyphosis resulting in a hunched back may require surgery.

4. Injuries or fractures: These may occur due to extreme strain on the spine because of some sporting activities like gymnastics.

To treat such cases, sometimes surgery may be necessary together with a sufficient period of rest and recovery and abstaining from any activity that will strain the spine.

Creating Awareness in Youngsters

Let us now see how a bad lifestyle causes spine problems in youngsters and the corrective measures possible:

In these modern times of mobile phones and laptops, the younger generation is so busy in surfing the net or texting friends that they do not even realize the strain they cause their spines due to their hunched back postures.

Changes must be made in the posture, especially while using laptops and cell phones can go a long way to prevent such problems. A proper portable laptop table will help to maintain a correct posture. Other steps to take would be in the form of frequent breaks while using laptops or mobiles combined with stretching exercises for the neck and head. If the pain persists, treatment can be made by using ice or heat packs to the affected area.

It is also necessary for youngsters to stop the habit of gorging on too much junk food and focus on getting the essential nutrients needed for bone development like vitamin D and calcium.

Other steps that can be taken are to do exercises for strengthening the back and core muscles regularly. It is also necessary to stop bad habits like smoking that can be the cause of weakened bones in the spine. The spine doctor in Delhi can show you a set of exercises for neck and back pain.

Making all these changes in their lifestyle will surely help the younger generation stay free from spine problems in their life.

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