Enlarged Prostate

What Should You do If You Have an Enlarged Prostate

On reaching the age of 25 years and after that, the prostate gland in the male body begins to grow. Although this growth is natural and is called benign prostatic hyperplasia or BPH, it is often the cause of prostate enlargement. BPH is a benign condition which does not always lead to prostate cancer, but the two conditions can exist side by side.

About 50 or 60 percent of men suffering from prostate cancer do not experience any symptoms initially. But if you are feeling any of the one mentioned below, then report to the Best Hospital in Delhi, Spring Meadows Hospital.

  • Frequent urination especially at night
  • A weak and interrupted urine stream
  • A sense of incomplete emptying of the bladder
  • Constant leaking or dribbling, and urgency to urinate

These are some of the signs which indicate that you, like many others, might be suffering from an enlarged prostate. But there is no need to worry now, as advanced treatment methods ensure a quick and easy recovery.

Earlier surgical treatments used to give rise to side effects, ultimately delaying the healing process. But today, with the remarkable advancements in medical science, these procedures are now far more effective and quick.

How do you deal with an enlarged prostate?

If you are suffering from an enlarged prostate gland, then you can follow a few easy tips for the time being.

Here are some tips that might help you get relief.

  • Do you know if you are tense and nervous all the time then you will most likely urinate more frequently? You should try to reduce some of this stress and anxiety by practising certain relaxation exercises like meditation, yoga, cardio, weightlifting, etc.
  • During your trip to the bathroom, make sure to invest some time and empty your bladder completely rather than rushing through it. This would help you in preventing multiple trips to the washroom.
  • Researchers suggest that some over the counter medications cause ill side effects thereby contributing to the problem. Thus you should talk to your doctor about it and he/she might prescribe you optimal dosages of the medications you are taking or suggest alternatives for the same. This would be to done to reduce the urinary problems that you are facing currently.
  • No matter how much you want to, reduce your intake of alcoholic and caffeinated beverages, in the evening. This usually impacts the muscle of the bladder thereby triggering the kidneys to urinate more.

If you think that the condition is not practically bothering you, then waiting and monitoring for some time might be the best thing to do. However, if the condition aggravates alarmingly, then you must consult the doctor for the right treatment plan. Based on the condition, you might be advised to go for surgical treatment.

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