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Can Neonatologist Save Your Infant’s Life?

A Neonatologist is the one who specializes in curing and taking care of newly born babies. Many times, due to unfortunate and unavoidable circumstances, such as early delivery, congenital disabilities, or any genetic disease, your baby may require intensive care from the top Neonatologist in Delhi to function normally.

If your baby also needs some medical attention, then we have a particular unit in our hospital for providing every medical help, known as Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU). NICU combines a team of professional doctors with various advanced machines which helps treat your child. We ensure specialized nursing and medication for your baby.

Giving birth to a premature baby is disappointing for you as well as us also, so in further information, we will discuss some common problems in premature babies and procedure followed by our neonatologists to cure them.

Does your child need special care?

Mostly premature babies born before 34 weeks of standard delivery are admitted in NICU if they have low weight or any other medical condition which requires special treatment by the Neonatologist in Delhi. Medical conditions include heart problems, breathing problems, or congenital disabilities.

According to the top Neonatologist in Delhi, infants tend to face such medical conditions if the mother is suffering from any significant disease like diabetes, hypertension, STD’s, and also if the mother takes drugs or alcohol during pregnancy. It leads to many problems in babies, commonly known as congenital disabilities. Your child may also suffer from various infections such as herpes and chlamydia and Hypoglycemia (low blood pressure).

Premature babies’ life is critical as they do not have well-developed organs to fit the outside environment. Hence, it is crucial to admit them in NICU so that the neontologist can provide the highest form of care to the infants who are struggling to live. Our neonatologists team ensure to give proper treatment to your baby with appropriate medications and continuous monitoring.

This highest form of care cannot be provided at homes and a result of which the infants die shortly. So, our Neonatologist at Spring Meadows Hospital strongly recommends NICU admission to such critically suffering infants to save their life. They also ensure to make them healthy so that they can lead a normal life in the future.

Not only this, but we have also fully equipped NICU with advanced equipment and critical infrastructure. This, coupled with professionally trained and expert neonatologists who ensure

proper care of your child. Our Neonatologist has decades of experience in various fields like respiratory therapists, dietitians, lactation consultants, pharmacists.

The team of Spring Meadows Hospital at the NICU work together to provide your child with a good healthy life and also the Neonatologist teaches and guides parents about how to take regular care of the child post-discharge. Every life is important to us, and that is why we have the top Neonatologist in Delhi who have saved the lives of many children and have given a smile on parent’s face.