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Dental Department


  • Implants
  • Root Canal Treatment & Crowns
  • Fixed| Removal Complete| Partial Dentures
  • Cosmetic & Child Dentistry


Implants:   Implants are fixed Dental Prosthesis, which can replace from single Tooth to Full set of Denture.  Implants are far by now best Dental prosthesis.

Single Tooth Implant: Here single missing tooth is replaced from root to crown without involving other natural teeth.

Implant supported bride:  Here a number Missing teeth are replaced by bridge resting on  Implants.

Implant supported Denture: Here complete set of Dentition is replaced by Implant supported Complete  Denture.

Root canal treatment (RCT)

Root canal treatment (RCT):  RCT is best method of saving natural teeth if some pathology alter the normal functioning of teeth.

Crown:   RCT treated should be supported by Crown to help treated teeth to bear the force of chewing / mastication.

Fixed| Removal Complete| Partial Dentures:  Missing teeth should be replaced by dental Prosthesis either removal or fixed, otherwise slowly and gradually it lead to alteration normal function of oral cavity or mouth, finally affecting the DIGESTION of FOOD which in turn affect the of the Individual.

Cosmetic Dentistry

We offer State of art Cosmetic dental Treatment including Cosmetic Fillings, Veneers etc.

Child Dentistry:  Saving the normal functioning of Childs oral cavity and teeth is v much necessary as Milk teeth/temporary teeth are necessary for making  Space for Permanent teeth.  If child Teeth are not properly taken care of, it lead to crowding and malalignment of permanent of teeth which lead to unnecessary  orthodontic treatment which is very much costly than then saving milk teeth.