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A woman’s body experiences many changes, especially during her reproductive period. As a result, a woman undergoes significant changes in the body which can lead to many health issues. To be healthy, the top doctors in Delhi recommend that women must always go for regular check-ups with one of the best Female Gynecologists in Delhi. Spring Meadows hospital is one of the best gynecology hospitals in Delhi working with a team of top doctors in Delhi. The hospital has the latest equipment offering the best obstetrics treatment in Delhi. The department is technologically equipped to deal with all types of issues ranging from the most common to the complicated ones. Be it urinary incontinence, pre-marital counselling, and high-risk pregnancy, Spring Meadows can cure it all. Some of the services offered by the obstetrics and gynecology hospital in Delhi include safe C- section, painless delivery, fibroid removal, cyst removal, prenatal and postnatal care, tubectomy and many others.

Best Gynecologist in Delhi

Services offered by the Best Gynecology Hospital in Delhi:

Following is a list of services offered by Spring Meadows Hospital, Delhi:

Care during high-risk pregnancies:

When certain health conditions impact the health of the mother or baby, the pregnancy is considered as a high-risk. Health conditions like HIV or other sexually transmitted diseases (already existing) are common causes of causing high risk pregnancies. The top doctors for pregnancy care in Delhi provide extra attention and care which is a pre-requisite for successful delivery of the child.

Following is a list of health conditions that may affect pregnancy:

  • Preeclampsia: It is a condition with leads to high blood pressure and swelling. When this condition is not treated on time, it can lead to complications. In worst cases, it may even lead to miscarriage.
  • Gestational diabetes: This is a form of diabetes that sometimes occurs during pregnancy. With the best obstetrics treatment in Delhi, Gestational diabetes can be cured. Thus, complications can be avoided to a greater extent.
  • Thyroid related problems: During pregnancy, hyperthyroidism or hypothyroidism may occur. It must be treated to avoid complications like miscarriages or stillbirth. The top doctors for pregnancy care in Delhi advices the right dosage of supplements which can balance the thyroid level in the body.

All these health issues are closely related to high-risk pregnancies. Thus, it is mandatory that the pregnant women undergo the best obstetrics treatment in Delhi on time. The best female gynaecologist in Delhi strives for safe and healthy delivery avoiding complications or treating them on time.

Infertility treatment (In vitro fertilization – IVF):

It refers to a process that assists infertility, enabling a woman to conceive. Usually, this treatment is recommended to those who cannot get pregnant naturally due to certain conditions. Some of the conditions that cause infertility are:

  • The presence of uterine fibroids in a woman which can interfere with the fertilization process.
  • Blockage in the Fallopian tube
  • The amount of eggs needed for fertilization is insufficient, thus causing the ovulation disorders.

The top doctors for pregnancy care in Delhi carefully consider all the conditions and risk factors which can be troublesome for both the mother and the baby. Spring Meadows Hospital provide the best possible obstetrics treatment in Delhi, i.e. IVF treatment. IVF treatment is a powerful solution to many women who find it difficult to conceive. IVF thus allows them toexperience the joys of motherhood after undergoing treatment at the best gynaecology hospital in Delhi.

Ovarian cysts removal:

Ovarian cysts are those sacs that sometimes develop in the ovaries and are mostly full of fluid. If not treated on time, it can affect the chances of pregnancy and fertility. Some common symptoms of cysts are:

  • Pain during bowel movements
  • Pain experienced during intercourse.
  • Feeling of nausea and vomiting.

Ovarian cysts are mostly benign, but some of them may be cancerous. Most of them disappear on their own after a short period. Although, if they persist or grow, laparoscopic surgery becomes necessary.

At Spring Meadows, the experienced and the top doctors in Delhi perform a surgery for treating the ovarian cysts. By using a laparoscope, an ovarian cyst can be removed successfully. This technique uses tiny, precise incisions and the recovery period after surgery is also very less.

Hysterectomy for fibroids:

Fibroids are tumours which are formed in the uterus that are mostly non-cancerous. If not treated, the fibroids may cause complications like miscarriage or premature labour in pregnant women. Some of the common symptoms of fibroids include:

  • Painful intercourse.
  • The frequent urge of urination.
  • Experiencing pressure in the pelvic area.

The skilled team at Spring Meadows hospital can successfully carry out a hysterectomy. It is a surgical procedure for removal of the fibroids which are present in the uterus. Spring Meadows Hospital use the latest advanced equipment for successfully carrying out the surgery. This also helps in reducing the risk of infection and boosts the time of recovery in the infected women.


Even though there are many methods available for contraception, most of them are not permanent methods. Tubectomy is a procedure where the female fallopian tubes are blocked to control birth in women permanently. Thus, eliminating all chances of pregnancy.

There are many risks associated with this procedure and women who have undergone previous abdominal surgeries suffer from complications after this procedure.

The top doctors for pregnancy care in Delhi, at Spring Meadows hospital, consider all the risk factors and the medical history of the patient before carrying out the procedure. The success rate is very high as they use the most advanced equipment and the doctors here also provide post-care advice.

Prenatal care:

For safe and healthy delivery, it is essential to receive proper prenatal care from the best female gynaecologist in Delhi. It is necessary to have regular check-ups with your gynaecologist so that she can examine and find out any issues that may create complications later on during your pregnancy.

Prenatal care by the doctor includes some of the following:

  • Checking blood pressure regularly.
  • Conduct blood tests for HIV, blood group, or anaemia.
  • Monitor the growth of the baby.
  • Monitor the weight of the mother.
  • Check on nutrition and daily activities.

The top doctors for pregnancy care in Delhi at Spring Meadows prepare the patient for the delivery, encourage and support them at every stage of pregnancy. The team of doctors here always educate the ladies on leading a healthy pregnancy life. The doctors here also impart necessary skills about taking care of the baby, which is essential for a would-be mom. The doctors ensure through their proper care that the delivery is made without any complications.

Postnatal care:

Good postnatal care is essential for both the mother and baby, especially for 6 to 8 weeks post the delivery. The mother finds herself going through a lot of changes, both mentally and physically, during this phase. Thus, she needs a lot of guidance and nurturing too.

Postnatal care involves the following:

  • The mother is advised to get enough rest to regain the strength lost during delivery.
  • Taking proper vaginal care and watch out for symptoms like frequent urination, or discharge. Checkup with the doctor after 5 to 6 weeks if any issue persists.
  • The mother is advised to have a nutritious diet, to avoid fatty foods, and to drink plenty of water.

At Spring Meadows, doctors understand the significance of postnatal care, and they provide the best possible care to keep both the mother and baby healthy. They also ensure to avoid any complications that may occur due to the physical changes experienced during that period.

The obstetrics and gynaecology department have the latest diagnostic and endoscopic technology for dealing with all gynaecological health issues.


Spring Meadows provides the best possible care for new-born babies and has even got a NICU – level 2 and level 3 for developmentally supportive care of babies after delivery. They have a specialized team of doctors and hospital staff who are deeply committed to providing natal care to the infants. NICU is a critical unit which can foster the development of the infants who were born underdeveloped.

With all the technologies and top doctors in Delhi, Spring Meadows hospital can provide the best obstetrics treatment in Delhi

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