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Joint Replacement Surgery

Treatment when severe joint pain or dysfunction is not alleviated by less invasive therapies. Form of arthroplasty and is often indicated from various joint diseases including osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis.

Types of Replacement that we treat HIP, KNEE, and SHOULDER etc…

Where the ends of two or more bones meet is called a joint. There are different types of joints like the “hinge” joint of the knee, the ball and socket joint of the hip and shoulder. When damage is caused to the cartilage which lines the ends of the bones is when you need joint replacement surgery. The cartilage might get damaged because of a fracture, or arthritis, or any other reasons. If all the non- surgical treatments like physical therapies, medications, etc. are not working then your orthopedic doctor might recommend a joint replacement surgery.

In such cases, your search for the best joint replacement surgeon begins. In the joint replacement surgical procedure, a metal, plastic or ceramic device which is also called prosthesis is put in the place of the damaged or arthritic joint. All this is done in order to move the joint like it used to be before which is a normal and healthy movement. Even though hip and knee replacement joint surgeries are the most commonly performed surgeries but replacement surgeries are also performed on the wrists, ankle, elbow as well as shoulders. So if you are planning for a knee replacement surgery then spring meadows hospital is one of the best hospital for knee replacement surgery. Don’t forget to consult them before making your decision.

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