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Common Conditions Treated In NICU

Infants usually tend to face various issues, which is difficult for parents to care for. So, we offer Neonatology treatment
to cure these common problems by admitting the infants in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU). With the best neonatology treatment hospital in Delhi, you should no more worry about your infant’s health problems.

Some common conditions looked at NICU

There is a list of various common conditions treated at NICU:

1. Anemia: Less amount of Red Blood Cells leads to anemia in infants. If you give birth to a premature baby, then he may suffer from anemia. This is because a premature baby doesn’t get enough time to store iron, which they use to make RBC because of early delivery. At NICU, we will treat your baby with iron supplements which boost RBC production.

2. Apnea: If you have noticed some delay or instability in your child’s breathing, then he might have apnea, a stoppage in-breaths which is known as periodic breathing. We continuously monitor the infant’s lungs in NICU to treat apnea and take all general measures to prevent any significant issue. The neonatology treatment at Springs Meadow Hospital can foster the development and productivity of lungs.

3. Breathing Problems: Due to partial lung development, your baby may face some breathing problems. Medicines or respirators can help your child to recover. Our experienced nurses under the supervision of Neonatologist continuously monitor and assist your child in NICU to help him improve. This can foster the development of lungs and thereby solving the breathing problems.

4. Bronchopulmonary Dysplasia (BPD): Lungs and bronchial tubes of infants may suffer from damage which leads to breathing problems. Bronchopulmonary dysplasia (BSP) leads to Pneumonia or other infections. Lungs take two years for improvement. We provide the best neonatology treatment to your infant.

5. Bradycardia: Instability in your infant’s breathing can cause apnea, which further leads to bradycardia. Bradycardia decreases the heart rate of your child. We provide medicines and breathing support to your child at NICU. You must consider the best Neonatology treatment hospital in Delhi if your infant suffers from any kind of breathing problems.

6. Respiratory Distress Syndrome (RDS): If you give birth to a child before 34 weeks, this can cause RD syndrome in your child. This reduces the number of surfactants, which prevents air sacs in the lungs from collapsing. Babies are treated with surfactants at Neonatology treatment hospital in Delhi, which supports them in breathing.

7. Heart Valve Abnormalities: As you know that heart has many valves which transmit blood, and some babies are born with narrowed or closed valves which don’t allow proper flow of blood. Our doctors at NICU in Spring Meadows Hospital place an artificial graft called shunt to allow the flow of blood.

8. Septal Defects: You must know that the heart has two chambers. In some infants, these chambers are divided by a wall called septum called septal defect. This hole leads to improper blood circulation. Our surgeons at NICU can close this hole by sewing or patching, which solves septal defects.

9. Jaundice: Jaundice is seen in premature babies and also in babies whose blood group differs from that of their mothers. Another cause of jaundice is when the liver cannot remove bilirubin (a waste product) from the blood. A special blood transfusion called exchange transfusion at NICU can remove waste blood from the baby.

Such potential defects and severe health conditions require deep care which is provided by the best neonatology treatment hospital in Delhi. Spring Meadows Hospital provides neonatology treatment to the infants who require supreme supervision from doctors and nurses. Our neonatology team ensures to treat them with complete dedication bringing good health and life to the newborns.