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Common Symptoms of Arthritis

Knowing About Arthritis

Arthritis, whose main symptoms are a pain in the joints along with stiffness, is the inflammation of one or more than one joint in the body. Arthritis is commonly observed in women, where they face knee problems as the knee is the most sensitive and highly used joint in a human’s body. There are many types of arthritis, but the most common types are osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis.

Types of Arthritis

The types of symptoms and treatment all depend on the type of arthritis affecting a person.

In, Osteoarthritis, damage happens to the cartilage covering the bones, thus causing the rubbing of bones against each other. This creates pain in the joint, along with a sound produced during movement. Many patients who come to us for knee replacement surgery complain about the sounds in their knees and are diagnosed with osteoarthritis.

In Rheumatoid arthritis, inflammation is caused because of the overreaction by the body’s immune system.
Common symptoms of arthritis
The most common symptom are as follows:

1. Pain in the joints.
2. Difficulty in performing certain motions like stretching or raising hands may be experienced.
3. Sometimes there may be redness, tenderness or swelling in the areas affected.

In some cases, deformity may also be observed. In severe cases, there may be a pain even during resting. Fever may also be experienced sometimes.

Causes of arthritis along with risk factors connected with it

Here are the list of the reasons and risks:

1. People with a history of joint injury are likely to develop arthritis of the joints in the future.
2. Excess weight is one of the causes of arthritis.
3. Some types, like Osteoarthritis, are caused by hereditary reasons.
4. In instances where the metabolism is abnormal, some types of arthritis can be generated.
5. Infections can also lead to arthritis.
6. Advancing age is a factor causing certain types like rheumatoid arthritis.

It is due to arthritis, many aged men and women of our society suffer from knee pain. The pain is so terrible that it interferes with their daily routine and hence not allowing them to take staircases, walk for longer distances, sit or stand for too long. With age, the patients are required to undergo knee replacement surgery.

Treatment options for arthritis

1. Treatment without surgery: The medicine to be taken will be decided after finding which type of arthritis is affecting the person. Mostly painkillers are prescribed for providing pain relief. Sometimes anti-inflammatory drugs may be given to lessen inflammation and also for pain relief. Some medicines may be in the form of creams and gels. A physiotherapist may be recommended, who may ask to perform exercises that will assist in the management of pain and the movement of joints.

2. Surgical treatment: In cases of severe arthritis which does not improve with medicines or physiotherapy, surgery may be suggested by the consultant orthopedic specialist. Joint replacement surgery is a procedure in which the damaged part is substituted with parts made artificially. This will improve the affected person’s ability to move his joints and also provide pain relief. In some cases, arthroscopy is performed to repair the joints after making a small incision. If your knees are affected due to arthritis, you must visit a total knee replacement surgery hospital where the consultant orthopedic specialist will design a surgical treatment for you.

3. Other remedies: Some people find comfort by applying heat or cold packs on the affected parts. Reducing weight and exercising may also prove beneficial in some cases.

Diet for Arthritis
It has been found that eating certain food items helps in lessening the inflammation that arthritis causes. Regularly eating certain fish like salmon and sardines is known to be beneficial in inflammation. Other foods that reduce inflammation are ginger, garlic, walnuts and berries like strawberries and blueberries. Foods that can be avoided are refined flours, citrus fruits, refined sugar, fatty dairy products and too much oily or spicy food.

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