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Early Detection for Successful Treatment of Breast Cancer

Breast cancer is one of the most common cancers found in women and is mostly felt as a painless lump on or around the breast or seen on an x-ray. With the advancement of technology, today breast cancer can be successfully treated if it is detected early by the top hospital in Delhi. There are many screening tests available that if done regularly can detect breast cancer even before the onset of symptoms.

When should you pay a visit to the Top Hospital in Delhi?

If you are suffering from one or more of these common symptoms of breast cancer, then you must consider getting the best obstetrics treatment in Delhi:

  • Pain in the nipple or breast
  • Swelling in some portion of the breast or on surrounding areas like armpit
  • Presence of a lump in your breast or underarm
  • Some kind of discharge from your nipple
  • Physical changes in the nipple like turning inward

Treatment methods for breast cancer have improved very much and there are more options available than before.

Significance of Early Detection for Successful Treatment

Detected at an early stage the survival rate is 100% for breast cancer patients. It is very important therefore for women to conduct self-examinations monthly and also visit the hospital for clinical breast exams and mammograms for early detection especially those who have a history of breast cancer in the family.

How Can You Conduct Self-examination?

A large percentage of breast cancers are detected by women themselves during self-examinations. Self-examination helps you to know how your breasts look and feel so that if any change occurs you can instantly spot them and report to your doctor.

Here are some handy tips from the doctors of top hospital in Delhi, which will help you in conducting self-examination:

  • While taking a bath the pads of the fingers can be used to examine the breast and surrounding areas to feel for any lumps or knots.
  • Stand in front of a mirror with arms at the sides and examine your breasts for changes or irregularities. Do the same while raising your arms and lookout for any swelling or other changes in the nipples.
  • Now lie down and using the pads of your fingers to apply light, medium, and firm pressure squeeze the nipples and check for discharges or lumps.

Why you may need to undergo Clinical Examination?

A clinical examination is done by a trained doctor who can easily detect any abnormality or early signs of breast cancer. In a clinical exam, the doctor examines the breasts for any differences in size or shape. He inspects the skin for any irregular signs like rashes and also checks the nipples for discharges if any. You will then be examined for both the breasts and surrounding areas to feel for any lumps or abnormal growths. There also will be an inspection of the lymph nodes near the breast for enlargement.

Other Screening Methods for Diagnosis of Breast Cancer

On finding anything suspicious, more tests will have to be undergone for further investigation. They are:

  1. A low-dose X-ray known as Mammogram is taken of the breasts to detect any changes like calcifications or lumps.
  2. A breast ultrasound is used to examine those lumps that are not visible on a mammogram but can be felt.
  3. Breast MRI may be used to get further information about breast cancer already diagnosed like the size or presence of any other tumors.

Getting to decide the treatment options for Breast Cancer

Once diagnosed you can decide which of the following options for treatment is best for you.

  • Nonsurgical treatments like chemotherapy, hormone therapy, and targeted therapy.
  • Among surgical options, there is mastectomy in which the complete breast is removed or lumpectomy which will only remove the affected area of the breast.
  • There is also the option of radiation therapy which kills cancer cells with high-energy waves.

Though breast cancer cannot be completely prevented, the risk for getting it can be lowered by making changes in the lifestyle like maintaining an ideal weight, being active, avoiding or reducing alcohol, and having nutritious food. Regular checkups and self-examination also increase the chances of being cured from breast cancer completely because of its detection at a very early stage.

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