Best Gastroenterology Treatment for Liver Disorders

It is normal for any of us to get afflicted by gastrointestinal problems once in a while. They may be in the form of the not so
severe ones like stomach pain, gas problems, acidity, indigestion to the more serious issues like diarrhea, diverticulitis etc. These problems occur due to a number of reasons like poor lifestyle, improper diet, low immunity, side effects of medicines and many others. A visit to a good gastroenterology treatment hospital is the best way out.
What are some common gastroenterology problems which must be addressed?

A number of common gastroenterology problems that can affect a man are:

1. Acidity: It is commonly described as a burning sensation either in the chest or stomach area. It may be accompanied by loss of appetite and lot of gas release in form of burp or fart.
2. Constipation: Most of you might have experienced this frequently and the symptom is the inability or difficulty to empty our bowels fully. It is caused by eating foods which are low in fiber like fast foods made of refined flours and also by not drinking adequate water.
3. Gallstones: They are formed in the gallbladder and cause symptoms like nausea and stomach pain. Reasons may be too much alcohol intake, eating fatty foods and consuming too much sugary foods.
4. Peptic ulcer: They are sores in the stomach lining caused by the bacteria ‘helicobacter pylori’ and some common causes are smoking, foods that create acidity and stress.
5. Lactose intolerance: It is the inability in some people to digest milk or milk products and symptoms are usually in the form of nausea, diarrhea and bloating.
6. Irritable bowel syndrome: People afflicted by this may have symptoms like diarrhea or constipation, gas problems and stomach pain. It is caused by stress or the side effects of certain drugs and foods.
7. Diarrhea: This is caused by eating stale food or raw foods infected by bacteria. Symptoms are in the form of motions that are loose and frequent along with dehydration and weakness.

Troublesome foods for acidic patients
Some foods that cause gastrointestinal problems are:

1. Alcohol: If taken in excess, it can lead to inflammation around the area of the gut and can lead to gastric problems.
2. Certain grains: Gluten in certain grains like wheat and barley is known to cause allergic reactions in people sensitive to gluten. But even other grains can cause inflammation triggering gastric trouble.
3. Dairy products: Many people are allergic to milk due to the presence of Casein, a protein while some react to lactose, which is a sugar.Nowadays cows are also given antibiotics and other chemical supplements. So, all these factors make dairy products a major cause of gastric problems.
4. Sugary foods: Excessive sugar intake is bad as the harmful bacteria in our stomach thrive on sugar. Such bacteria multiply in our guts and cause inflammation.
5. Nuts: Some people find it difficult to digest nuts and it is better for them to totally avoid eating them or at least eat raw and roasted non processed ones.
6. Some vegetables and fruits: Certain fruits like apples, pears and mangoes and vegetables like beetroot, asparagus, onions, garlic, leeks can cause gastric trouble in some people.
7. Acidic foods: Some fruits with high acidic content can irritate the stomach’s lining. Examples are lemon, oranges and tomatoes. It is also good to consume less of carbonated drinks.
8. Fatty and fried foods: Foods with excess fat like burgers or hot dogs can cause either constipation or sometimes even diarrhea.
9. Stale foods: Food should always be eaten as fresh as possible. Those that are refrigerated for long periods can contain bacteria which could cause food poisoning or diarrhea.

Always try to maintain the balance of gut by consuming curd, butter milk, watermelon, and lemon juice. Never ignore gastroenterology problems and take treatment from the best gastroenterology treatment hospital in Delhi.

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