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How Long Does It Take To Pass A Kidney Stone

The formation of kidney stones takes place when excess minerals and salts present in urine aggregate and solidify into crystals under certain conditions. Chemicals and minerals like uric acid and calcium are naturally present in the urine but normally the excess gets flushed out through urine.

In some cases, the extra chemicals and minerals present in urine which not exit the system, and instead, lead to the formation of kidney stones.

Generally, kidney stones that are smaller in size pass normally without causing trouble. But sometimes the bigger stones get stuck in the ureter or urinary tract. When that occurs it triggers pain and utter discomfort. The patient might then have to undergo treatment or surgery, as observed by top doctors at Spring Meadows Hospital, best kidney stone hospital in south delhi with  General and Minimal Access Surgery Hospital in Delhi.

How long does a kidney stone take to pass?

In order to answer this question, the below-mentioned factors are to be considered:

  • Size of the stone

Size of the stone is actually the biggest factor in determining whether the stone will pass naturally. If stones are equal to or smaller than 4mm then they have a probability of 80% of passing out naturally. Stones which lie between the ranges of 4-6mm require some treatment to pass out naturally, but 60% of these stones also pass on their own.

But the stones, which are bigger than 6 mm require surgical intervention because such stones generally cannot flush out via urine. For treatment options you can visit best kidney stone hospital in south delhi.

  • Location of the stone in the ureter

While size plays a major role in deciding whether the stone has the ability to pass naturally, we cannot deny the importance of the stone location in finding out about the same. The stones which are at the end of the ureter have a higher chance of passing easily than those located at the part attached to the kidney. Even studies confirm that 79% of these usually pass naturally.

Is there any effective way to make the stones pass faster?

Always remember that smaller stones pass away more easily and thus you have to adopt some measures to stop the stones from growing any further. In order to do that you should stick to a diet containing lower amounts of calcium, protein, and salts.

Usually, experienced doctors at Spring Meadows Hospital recommend patients to drink sufficient water, depending on their condition. Also drinking juices of orange and grapefruit has been found to be effective in passing kidney stones faster. The more fluid you drink, the more chances that it will pass easily, and thus one should drink at least 2-3 quarts of water on a daily basis.

A few additional tips

Passing a kidney stone can be painful and sometimes pain relievers might be that effective in soothing the intense pain. But before you consider pain relievers, you must fix an appointment at the best kidney stone hospital in south delhi with Best Doctor for Minimal Access Surgery in Delhi. You can reach out to doctors at Spring Meadows Hospital Delhi who can guide and direct you with the best medical advice.