Spinal Cord Injury

How to Avoid Spinal Cord Injury

A Spinal cord injury is the worst possible injury that a person can suffer from as it can be life-threatening or can lead to complete or total paralysis. The damage caused by such an injury is very severe and is mostly irreversible. Hence it is always better to avoid getting such an injury by taking all possible precautions. Most of such damages happen as a result of accidents – be it road or any other. Old aged people are also at risk of spinal injuries because of the risk of falls.

How to know if you have a spinal cord injury

The intensity of the injury depends on the area of the injury and the damage caused to the spinal cord. Generally, a person having a spinal injury will experience one or more of the following:

  1. There will reduce some amount of loss of movement depending on the severity of the damage.
  2. There will be a loss of sensation or changes in sensation with relation to heat, cold and touch.
  3. Changes in the ability to pass urine or stools will be noticed.
  4. You may suffer from breathing problems.
  5. In extreme cases, the person may have difficulty walking or balancing himself.
  6. A person could experience pressure or intense pain on the head, neck or back
  7. The person may display confusion and difficulty in communication.

Depending on the severity of the injury, a person may suffer paralysis, which could be tetraplegia in which the entire body is affected or paraplegia in which the trunk, legs, and pelvic regions are affected. The effects of the injury are mostly due to inflammation, bleeding or collection of fluid and damage to the nerve fibers in the injured area.

Common causes of spinal injury and how you can prevent it at your home and workplaces

Let us explore some common causes of spinal injury and what can be done to prevent them

  1. Vehicle accidents.
  2. A lot of spinal injuries are a result of falls of some kind, especially among children and elderly people.
  3. Physical fights or similar confrontations can result in injuries.
  4. Some of the injuries are caused by diseases like arthritis, osteoporosis, which can damage the knees.
  5. Sometimes spinal injuries may occur while playing some sports or during adventure activities.

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It can be seen by the extent of damage caused by spinal cord injuries that it is best always to prevent them from happening.

The following tips will come in handy for prevention of spinal injuries:

  1. Always follow safety rules when driving vehicles like cars. For example, wearing seat belts or helmets still and see that children and other family members are also wearing them.
  2. The floors should be kept dry, and any water spilt should be immediately wiped to prevent slipping. There should be dry mats held at proper places.
  3. There should be support rails for staircases for elderly people.
  4. Proper safety gear should be used while playing sports, and there should always be protection gear for head like helmets.
  5. Before diving, in a swimming pool, the depth of water should always be checked.
  6. Alcohol consumption should be avoided before driving vehicles of any kind.
  7. Driving rules should be strictly observed like keeping safe speed limits and driving on the proper side of the road.

A spine injury can be devastating, and a person leading an active, healthy life can suddenly find himself being dependent on others for even the smallest things like even eating food or emptying bladder or bowels. Hence if proper precautions are taken, spine injuries can be avoided to a considerable extent.

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