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Why choose us only?

In Spring Meadows Hospital we provide world class facilities for our international patients. We make one point of contact starting from the journey to our premises. We do have a TAT of 48hours to respond your queries and on the basis of your diagnostic reports our expertise doctors share you the line of treatment.

We will issue the Visa Invitation form for filling up the formalities to come in our HOSPITAL. And within 24 hours we will hand over the visa letter across e- mail.

Highly medical professionals, paramedical staff are placed inside our unit compromising attitude that strives to provide affordable, accessible and quality care to all.

Facilities that we provide you

  • Our hospital helps you in assisting with Visa formalities and issue the letter within 48 hours
  • We also arrange for a remote consultation with our expertise doctors who gives you the best line of a treatment.
  • After reviewing your reports we would be sharing you the estimate cost of that procedure that is advised by the doctor, free of cost.
  • Depending upon your budget we arrange for a Hotel facility as well.
  • Complimentary pick and drop facility for our patients directly from the airport.

Payment Process

  • We do have a process of online payment in which a person can transfer the amount to our hospital bank account, in case the bill exceeds that will be refunded immediately after the patient is discharged. Person needs to send the scanned copy of that receipt to our email id.
  • We do accept almost all the cards except AMEX and Diner for inpatients.

Diet and Religious needs

  • Mats are available for offering namaz for Muslim patient attendants.
  • As per the advice of dietician food is offered to the patients.

Interpreter Services

  • We do have an in-house interpreter in our premises who is familiar with various languages such as Persian, Pashto, Irani, Arabic, Tajiki, Bangladeshi
  • Our relationship manager is always there to take care of all your specific needs in our premises.
  • Our manager will helps you in assisting with our doctors and will guide you in your language the preventive measures which needs to be followed during Pre surgical as well as post surgical case.
  • At the time of leaving will be handling you the coupon for your relatives or friends which will avail a discount that then use over here under a certain period of time.
  • Post surgery follow up will be done by our manager in any case you feel obstacle or query.