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Is It Possible To Have Tennis Elbow Even Though I Never Play It

Tennis elbow or lateral epicondylitis is a painful condition where the tendons of the elbow get overloaded, causing pain. This is mostly caused by the repeated motion of the arm and wrist.

The tennis elbow pain begins from where the tendons of forearm muscles are attached to a bony bump located outside the elbow. The same pain spreads to the wrist and forearm. Pain relievers and rest tend to relieve the pain on the tennis elbow in most cases.

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Who suffers from tennis elbow?

This condition can afflict anyone even if they are not involved in tennis. It is found among those who use their hand motion regularly for work such as painters, butchers, carpenters, and plumbers. Below is a discussion on tennis elbows and the things you need to know about this condition.

What are its symptoms?

The pain linked to tennis elbow may originate from the external parts of the elbow towards the wrist and forearm. The pain may cause when you do the following:

Shaking hands or gripping an object
• When you turn a doorknob
• While holding a coffee cup

What causes tennis elbow?

Tennis elbow is chiefly caused by overuse or muscle strain. It happens when there is a frequent contraction of the forearm muscles which you use to raise and straighten the wrist and hand. These repeated movements may result in stress across the tissue which causes a number of smaller tears along the tendons which attach forearm muscles with the bony structure outside the elbow

As the name itself indicates, playing tennis is one of the ways in which you may pick up this situation. It happens when you use backhand stroke without proper technique. There are several other common causes for tennis elbow as follows

• Working with plumbing tools
• Painting
• Driving screws continuously
• Cutting meat
• Increased computer mouse usage

Are there any risk factors?

The below factors raise the risk factor of forming a tennis elbow

• Age: Tennis elbow is commonly found in adults with ages between 30 and 50
• Occupation: People who have duties that require them to move the arm and the wrist frequently are more prone to getting a tennis elbow. This includes people like painters, plumbers, cooks, butchers, and carpenters
• Sports activities: Engaging in sports that involve racket usage raises the chances of tennis elbow. This is especially true if you use incorrect stroke technique

Diagnosis and Treatment

As you complete the physical examination, the physician might use pressure over the affected area. They may also ask you to move the parts such as fingers, wrist or your elbow. In certain cases, the medical history and examination could offer sufficient information regarding the diagnosis of tennis elbow. In case they sense that something else causes the pain, they may make you go for other imaging tests or X-rays.


A physical therapist would be able to teach the patients a few exercises that strengthen and stretch the muscles of the forearm. The eccentric exercises are also promoted which involve the slow raising of the wrist. Another useful tool is the forearm strap

Surgical or other procedures

• Injections: sometimes, platelet-rich plasma, an irritant (prolotherapy), or Botox might be injected into your blood into the painful tendon. Besides, the dry needling involving the needle pierces could also help
• Surgery: If the symptoms do not improve within six to 12 months of non-operative treatment, you may need surgeries through small or large incisions

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