Joint Replacement

Post Surgery Care for Joint Replacement

Joint Replacement, an orthopedic surgery where the non-functional joint is replaced with prosthesis (metal & plastic device which can recreate the normal movements of the joint) is carried out when the pain cannot be eased by medications or other methods. Many patients face knee & hip problems as they grow old. While, shoulder, elbow or finger injury is commonly caused by accidents which damages or breaks the bone that requires immediate doctor intervention. So, if you face any unbearable pain which is affecting your daily routine tasks, you must visit a joint replacement surgery hospital in Delhi.

Usually, the joint replacement is done for Knee, Hip, Shoulder, Elbow and Fingers. You must consider taking appointments at joint surgery replacement hospital in Delhi such as Spring Meadows Hospital.

This surgery is rewarding in most of the cases but rarely various post-surgery complications and risks like infection, pain, weakness or dislocation can occur. Therefore, proper post-surgery care is indispensable for orthopedic patients. With right doctors at your service, you needn’t worry about the risks associated with the surgery.
Tips for post-surgery care
It is always said that the right treatment and regular care together can-do wonders for the patients. So, here are a few tips on post-surgery care:

1. Relieve Discomfort: A person after the surgery will have trouble in the normal movement of the replaced joint. It will cause pain and the person is bound to feel weak for a few months. So, follow these simple steps:
Take medicines on time. Do not miss any dose. The person who provides the medicine must know the prescription correctly whether it has to be taken before food or after food. Follow the doctor’s instruction Strictly.
Take proper rest. It might be difficult for patients to sleep well but a routine is required for them. Plan the schedule accordingly. If you don’t rest properly, then the stress on the joints can aggravate the problem leading to late recovery.
Follow the prescribed diet for quick recovery and endurable strength.

2. Exercising: Go for gentle exercises and walk and you should take up physiotherapy sessions as recommended by the doctors of joint replacement surgery hospital. Always remember not to strain yourself. A more than required effort from your side might lead to more pain. Make sure not to overdo anything.

3. Maintain Good Hygiene: It is advisable to maintain good oral hygiene & general cleanliness of the body to avoid Dental, Skin and Urinary tract infections as these can lead to infection in the replaced joint. After wound healing and stitch removal take advise of doctor about keeping the surgical site clean. In case of itching, redness or irritation at surgical site, consult the doctor immediately without ignoring these symptoms.

4. Schedule your appointments: The most crucial thing after surgery is to visit the doctor regularly. Try not to miss your appointment. Discuss freely about the discomfort with the doctors at joint replacement surgery hospital in Delhi.

5. Activities and Sports: Whether a person can perform certain activities or not depends on the recovery of the patient. However, swimming, cycling and golfing and walking is usually safe for major replacements after the wounds are healed. A person (specifically knee replacement) should avoid contact sports. But remember do not start anything without a discussion with the doctor.

You must take care to clear all your doubts with the doctors after undergoing the surgery. Post-surgery care is utmost important to prevent any easily avoidable complications. We have seen cases where due to lack of care. Patients developed deformities in joints, late infections in joints or even fractures as patients were not following doctor’s instructions. Hence, do yourself a favor and do not let that happen to you!
Quick home remedies for joint replacement patients
The joint surgery hospital in Delhi has suggested some quick tips which a patient must strictly follow:
1. Never sit on the floor as getting up can cause more stress to the knees & hips – this is true for the patients who have replaced their knee E-hip
2. Any redness, swelling or fever must be reported to the doctor immediately. It may be due to an underlying infection
3. If you have undergone a hip or knee surgery, you may require assistive device like crutches and walker. So, do not hesitate to use them.

Recommended diet and nutrition
There are some foods which can interfere with your recovery process. It is essential that you must be aware which foods to eat and which to avoid during your post surgery recovery.

1. Always have lot of fluids and keep yourself hydrated.
2. Consume foods which are rich in calcium such as dairy products (milk, cheese, yogurt, fortified cereals etc) to keep bones strong and healthy.
3. Always consume vitamin D to ensure absorption of calcium. Vitamin D is commonly found in fish, milk .Skin exposure to sunlight helps the body to produce Vit D
4. Avoid constipation by eating fibre rich foods such as banana, corn, peas, almonds, whole wheat, and broccoli.
5. Consume foods which are rich in iron to improve the hemoglobin content in the blood. Rich sources of iron are green leafy vegetables, pomegranate, raisins etc.
6. Vitamin C helps in absorption of Iron hence ensure to have citric foods like oranges, tomatoes, lemon, tamarind and many more.
Every patient heals differently but what is common in their recovery is the post-surgery care. In the initial few weeks, a patient might go through emotional turmoil but what will keep them going is support and regular attention. It is very important to take care of them. However, it will all be normal in the long run. Never lose hope.

Spring Meadows hospital is the best joint replacement surgery hospital in Delhi which can rightly diagnose the problems of your joint, treat the same and also provide post-surgery care services for better recovery.