best treatment for shoulder arthritis

Know About Shoulder Arthritis and Treatment

Shoulder arthritis is a condition in which one or more joints are inflamed, leading to pain and difficulty in movement due to stiffness. People who are afflicted by shoulder arthritis can get themselves treated to manage the pain and to remain active, but there is no complete cure for this disease.

The consultant orthopedics specialist recommends a line of treatment depending upon the type of arthritis affecting the shoulder. The following are the three most common types of arthritis of the shoulder.

1. Osteoarthritis: This type is caused when the outer covering which protects the bone is damaged, leading to the bones rubbing each other and causing pain. This type of arthritis is usually seen in older people.

2. Rheumatoid arthritis: In this type of arthritis, many joints all over the body get affected. Often joints on both the sides are seen getting affected.

3. Post-traumatic arthritis: This type of arthritis usually affects the people who suffer injuries to the shoulder like dislocation.

Also, there are two more types like rotator cuff tear arthropathy and Avascular Necrosis.

Symptoms of Arthritis
Pain is the main symptom for those afflicted by shoulder arthritis. Typical complaints usually include difficulty and pain while performing movements like raising arms. Often the pain reduces stopping the activity. There is also the uncomfortable feeling of joints or bones rubbing each other together with sounds being heard during motion. Symptoms and the degree of pain felt is different for each person and also the loss or difficulty of movement. In later stages of the disease, there may be a pain even while the person is resting or sleeping.

Diagnosis of arthritis
Diagnosis usually involves taking x rays of the joints and bones, along with a physical examination of the body.

• Physical examination is typically carried out to find out whether there are any weaknesses in the muscles. It helps to find out any injuries to the areas around the joints along with tenderness in the affected site. It also aids in examining the degree of pain felt when there is pressure on the joints. The sounds created during movement of the joints can also be analyzed.

• X rays are useful to determine the type of arthritis affecting a person. They also show the presence of bone cysts, changes occurring to the bone structure along with any decrease in the space between joints.

Treatment of shoulder arthritis

The consultant orthopedics specialist applies the best treatment for shoulder arthritis.

1. The procedure not involving surgery: Mostly, the doctor prescribes physical rest along with changes in the way specific movements are made to reduce and control the pain. He will recommend a physiotherapist who may teach exercises that will aid in managing the pain. The doctor may prescribe medicines which are anti-inflammatory and non-steroidal to manage the pain. In some cases, injections to the shoulder are also administered, which lessens the pain. Applying moist heat or ice to the shoulder also provides relief.

2. Treatment with surgery: In very severe cases which do not show improvement with medicines and other non-surgical methods, the doctor may recommend surgery. Surgery could be in the form of a procedure known as Arthroscopy in which a tiny incision is made, and the inside portion of the joint is cleaned out, which helps in reducing the pain. In other cases, replacement surgery is carried out to replace the diseased shoulder parts with artificial ones. The surgeon will, at this time, also discuss the possibility of complications and how to prevent them.

After the surgery, the affected person has to go through a sufficient period of rest after which he will find an improvement in his ability to perform movements along with a reduction in pain. He will be given medicines to manage any pain felt and to assist him in recovering quickly.

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