Hip Replacement Surgery

Lifestyle after a Hip Replacement Surgery

Hip replacement surgery is a procedure in which a diseased hip joint is replaced with one made artificially using components like plastic or metal alloys. The procedure has become quite common today and people undergoing the surgery can walk better and also get a lot of relief from pain. Thanks to the medical technology which doesn’t make the life tough after undergoing the best hip replacement surgery in Delhi.

When should you go for a Hip Replacement?

A hip replacement surgery may be needed if any of the following conditions exist:

  • If the hip joint has been damaged due to conditions like osteoarthritis or rheumatoid arthritis,
  • If there is a constant pain even if pain medications are taken.
  • Sleep and rest are affected due to the pain in the hips and waist.
  • It is painful to walk even with the help of devices like a cane or a walker.
  • It is difficult to perform even simple activities like sitting, standing, climbing or getting down the stairs.

The best orthopedic specialist in Delhi may recommend a hip replacement after conducting a proper examination and diagnosis of the hip. They also ensure to conduct surgery only if it brings an improvement in the range of motions and reduces the pain.

The best orthopedic specialist in Delhi informs you about the risks involved in the procedure like blood clots, infections, or bleeding and ask you to undertake the necessary blood tests or x-rays to assess your fitness for the surgery and to analyze the present condition of the hip joints.

Life after a successful hip replacement surgery

  • Discharge from hospital: After analyzing your ability to perform certain tasks like getting out of bed or walking with a device like cane or walker and assessing your pain level, you will be discharged after undergoing the best replacement surgery in Delhi. The doctor will give instructions to be followed at home like medicines to be taken and what needs to be done if complications like blood clot or swelling occur.
  • Lifestyle after hip replacement: After discharge, a complete and speedy recovery can be made by following the doctor’s instructions and taking certain precautions at home.
  • Care at home: After discharge, you may need to take up the services of a caretaker or a family member for several weeks. You may also need to make certain changes at home to support your recovery like getting new furniture that will be comfortable for you to sit on without straining your hip. You may also have to raise the toilet seat to enable you to sit comfortably.

Ensure to follow the instructions provided by the best orthopedic specialist in Delhi for a speedy recovery.

  • Taking care of the surgery wound: The wound should be kept clean and dry always and the dressing to be changed whenever necessary. If any irregularities are noted like redness or draining, you must visit the doctor immediately.
  • Taking medicines: As per the doctor’s instructions, all medicines like painkillers or blood thinners should be taken properly. There may be certain medicines that may not be safe and need to be avoided.
  • Healthy Diet: A diet rich in vitamins and minerals will be advised by the doctor. You will also have to drink plenty of fluids to prevent dehydration. Ideal weight will have to be maintained so that you don’t strain your hip joint.
  • Physical activity: You will be instructed by the physiotherapist and the doctor to gradually increase your activities to recover the strength in your hip joint. You have to be careful to avoid lifting those objects that can cause strain to your hips. Indulge in activities that will not impact the implant adversely like swimming or cycling and at the same time avoid high impact activities like jogging. Certain actions should be avoided like lifting your legs too high or turning your legs inward or outward.

By diligently following the doctor’s instructions, taking precautions, and gradually increasing the physical activity level, you can expect to resume a normal pain-free lifestyle after a hip replacement.

Spring Meadows hospital provides the best hip replacement surgery in Delhi where they conduct a detailed examination and outweigh the risks before undergoing surgery. The team of best orthopedic specialists in Delhi also ensures to keep a follow-up on a regular basis to assess your recovery and challenges.