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Opioids and Pain Management after Sinus Surgery

Most of the sinus infections respond well to medical treatment. Still, if your symptoms are not reducing and if these medical treatments and changes in lifestyle are not helping, then it is recommended to visit the best ENT specialist in Delhi. He may recommend surgery if the sinusitis is due to structural issues like a deviated septum. The doctor will assess your general health and then ask you to take tests like CT scans before making a final decision. The surgery aims to provide you relief from the symptoms as well as reducing repeated infections.

Will you still have Pain after the Sinus Surgery?

Recovery after sinus surgery is dependent on the type of sinus surgery, as well as your overall health condition. Though there will be no external scars or wounds, the internal portions of the nose will have some soreness and swelling for some time. It is normal to experience nasal and sinus pressure following the surgery. All this is because of factors such as mucus, inflammation, or crusting after the surgery. The sensation will be that of dull pain in the sinus area, which will be relieved by using extra-strength Tylenol. If the pain is not getting relieved, doctors may prescribe stronger medicines that will provide quicker relief like opioids.

The Use of Opioids for Pain Relief

Opioids are medications that are more powerful than ordinary pain killers and are often used for treating acute pain after surgery. They are often preferred as they act faster than other medications and provide quick relief from pain. But they often have side effects such as vomiting, sedation, and nausea. Opioids available by prescription include oxycodone (Oxycontin), hydrocodone, codeine, and others.

Opioids, though beneficial for pain relief, are known to be very addictive, and it has been found that even five days of opioid use have led to dependence. Hence, always follow the best ENT Specialist in Delhi’s advice when he asks to restrict the use of opioids by patients to manage their pain and switch to nonopioid drugs.

Always use the opioids only as directed in the required doses and for the prescribed time. They are also instructed to dispose of any unused drugs to prevent their misuse. All these will help prevent the patients from depending on opioids for pain relief.

Pain Management after Surgery

Sinus may still affect you post-surgery. Hence, here are some remedies which can prove to be beneficial:

  • Take regular visits to the doctor as instructed
  • Take care not to get wet in the rain or catch a cold as it can bring back sinus to you
  • Practice Pranayam or deep breathing exercises
  • Use saline rinses to open the nasal passage. You may ask the best ENT Specialist in Delhi to prescribe the nasal sprays

Cough, sneeze with your mouth open so that mucus can flow out, clearing the passage.

Sinus surgery can provide you lasting relief from all your sinus problems and enable you to resume your regular routines in a short time. For this, you should follow the doctor’s instructions carefully, especially on how to use the pain medications correctly in the prescribed dose and period so that you can manage the post-operative pain effectively.

The hospital has the best ENT Specialist in Delhi who will provide the best surgery if required to treat sinus. They will also give post-operative support so that the nasal passage is clear, and the pain doesn’t come back.