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Periods : Let’s talk about it with the best gynecologist in delhi

Menstruation or having periods is something that every woman experience from an early age till her fifties. But, do you think you know everything about it? The answer likely is no because periods are confusing, ladies.  A female gynecologist can tell you some hidden facts about your periods. When you think you know every single thing about it, it surprises you in the unexpected ways. Actually, you spend more than half of your life menstruating so you have a lot of time for some new experiences and new learning.

5 secrets about your period which you didn’t probably know:

So, in this blog, you will get to know some 5 interesting facts about your periods which might help all the ladies in future:
1. You can actually get pregnant during your periods:
Shocking? Well, it is highly improbable but still it is possible. Want to know the reason? The reason is period sex. Ladies are at peak of fertility during ovulation and sex during this time can cause pregnancy. So it is always advisable if you don’t plan to have a baby, use birth control measures irrespective of the time of the month.

2. The color of your blood reveals a lot:
Did you know that checking the blood during your periods can actually tell about hormonal imbalance? Yes, you read it right. Checking period blood can reveal which hormones are in balance or not in balance. Therefore, you can improve your periods by changing your diet accordingly. The normal and healthy period blood is bright red with medium viscosity.

3. Pre Menstrual Syndrome (PMS):
Isn’t PMS relatable ladies? A week before periods is full of mood swings, cravings, bloating and breakouts. It is because of the hormonal changes during menstrual cycle. But don’t worry ladies. I believe what you guys are struggling with is how to manage PMS. The most common remedy is yoga. Yoga improves symptoms such as bloating and cramps. So give it a shot and check for results.

4. Period change throughout your life:
You think you can predict your next period? No. In the early stages of period, the cycle is little longer. Yes, it can at maximum take 45 days to reoccur. But as you grow, the cycles are more predictable and shorter. They generally reoccur within 30 days. As you approach menopause, the period becomes significantly irregular. It might take shorter or longer periods to show up. At times, you might witness heavy bleeding. So contact your doctor for anything unusual.

5. Try some unusual options:
Scared to try menstrual cups or Period Panties? Don’t be ladies. These are safe, eco-friendly and better options. Menstrual Cups are flexible silicon cups that fit inside your vagina and collects menstrual blood. Period Panties are the options for lighter bleeding days. They absorb the blood and can be washed and reused. Generally, they are cost-effective and last longer than tampons. So, just try and find what suits you.

Periods are fact of life girls! Conquer it every month and remember we are all in this together. If you have any concerns regarding your period, you can visit the best female gynecologist in Delhi.

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