Risks associated with Pregnancy

Risks Associated with Pregnancy and C-section

Giving birth to a baby mostly happens in an uncomplicated yet natural way in which the pregnant mother delivers a healthy baby with or without complications after getting labour pains on completion of her pregnancy period.

When complications occur, making a simple natural delivery is impossible for the pregnant mother. Such pregnancies where there is a significant risk of possible complications to both mother and baby are termed as high-risk pregnancies.

What are some risks associated with Pregnancies?

The possible risk factors for high-risk pregnancies:

  1. Research points out that most natural and uncomplicated deliveries happen when the mothers are aged less than 35 and more than 17. After this age, the chances of some complication is increased.
  2. It is possible that the pregnant mother could be having some health condition before pregnancy like high blood pressure, heart problems or some disease transmitted sexually that could be a risk factor for both the mother and baby.
  3. There could be hereditary reasons also like a woman having some disorder that she inherited genetically, which potentially can be forwarded to the baby.
  4. Some pregnant women get a kind of diabetes that only happens during pregnancy known as gestational diabetes and which gets resolved after the delivery is over.
  5. A woman who is pregnant with more than a single baby is also at risk of developing complications like blood pressure or early labour.
  6. Obesity is also a possible and unavoidable risk factor for having a high-risk pregnancy.
  7. Alcohol consumption, smoking or other such bad habits can also lead to high-risk pregnancies.

High-risk pregnancies require extra monitoring and treatment during the entire period of pregnancy by specialist doctors at Obstetrics hospital in Greater Kailash. After assessing the mother’s condition, the doctor may rule out a normal vaginal delivery and recommend a C – section that will be safe for both the baby and mother.

C – section and its relation to high-risk pregnancies:

A C- section is a surgical procedure where a baby is delivered via cuts made in the abdomen or uterus. It is usually adopted in the case of high- risk pregnancies where there is a danger to the health of both mother and child.

When should you go for C-section?

Following are some of the reasons when you can go for C- section:

  1. When a pregnant woman is expecting more than one baby and conditions are too risky for her to have a standard vaginal delivery.
  2. In cases where a pregnant woman may have a placenta which is situated in the wrong position in the uterus.
  3. It may be done when the reports show the baby to have birth defects.
  4. A C – section is the best procedure when the baby is not placed in a healthy position in the womb.
  5. For women with a history of a C – section during her previous delivery.
  6. In cases where there are obstructions for the baby to come out like the presence of a fibroid.
  7. When there are problems with labour and smooth vaginal delivery is not naturally possible.

Even though there are the usual risk factors associated with surgical procedures, a C – section is the best possible procedure during cases of high-risk pregnancies to ensure safe delivery and safeguard the health of both mother and child.

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