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Role of nutrition in pregnancy

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Malnutrition in pregnancy not only has an ill effect on the newborn but also impairs the mother’s own health. When the pregnant women’s diet does not supply the required nutrient for her needs and for those of the fetus. The fatal requirement is meet by withdrawing these from the tissue of the pregnant mother.  This is the reason that improving food intake during pregnancy might reduce low birth weight. Pregnancy is the specifically “hot period” for the programming of future condition.

Role of balanced diet in pregnancy: –

Belly weight increase during pregnancy is common in all the symptoms. So before you get pregnant get yourself as close to a health weight a possible to help spare complication for you and your child. Overweight pregnancy is risky for mother and baby. Mother run the risk of gestational diabetes, high blood pressure and preeclampsia- a potentially dangerous complications of high blood pressure during pregnancy.

Role of diet counselling :-

The specific concern exists for obese pregnant women for whom the standard of care and weight loss still are not well established, vegetarian nutrition with possible supplementation of Iron and DHA and vegan where specific medical counselling is required due to diet deficiency of many nutrients. Supplementations of vitamin A is suggested to be restricted only to areas where vitamin A deficiency is a substantial public health problem. Recommendations of calcium supplementation is limited to population with low calcium intake. Vitamin B6, Zinc, multinutrients supplements and vitamin D supplementations are not advocated as routine procedure. Avoiding of caffeine is suggested for women with high consumption. Particularly the concern is given to gestational weight gain, adequate folate, iron, choline, omega-3 fatty acid and iodine input as well as avoiding or limiting specific food which contain bacteria or methyl mercury and alcohol. According to these requirement nutrient dense food eating, regular meals and regular exercise together with moderate gestation weight gain and recommendations.

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