Joint Replacement Surgery

Scared Of Joint Replacement Surgery? Here’s Why You Should Not Delay It Anymore

Are you suffering from joint problems?

Has the doctor asked you to undergo a joint replacement surgery? But are you scared of any kind of surgical procedure?

Well, do not neglect joint problems or even procrastinate because of your fear.

Joint problems can aggravate very fast and lead to severe pain but sometimes oral medication or cortisone injection or physiotherapy doesn’t work and in that case, you might have to consider joint replacement. Don’t be scared just ask your doctor for help. You can visit Spring Meadows Hospital which is the best joint replacement surgery hospital in Delhi.

Joint replacement surgery is not that complicated as we think it is. Nowadays, many people are undergoing joint replacement surgeries and are going back home happily. Don’t let the brightness of your life diminish because of joint issues. Patients who have hip arthritis or knee arthritis should, under no circumstances must neglect these joint issues.

Do you know what conditions may spring up if a patient continues to neglect their joint issues?

Well, let us take a look at them below.

  • Joint distortions – Arthritis basically brings about the deformity of the joints by attacking the joint tissues. This is painful and it usually happens gradually with time. For some people, the condition may become very serious within a short period. Patients having knee arthritis can give rise to bow-legged distortion and the patient can have difficulty in walking. The cartilage and bone erosion results from hip arthritis. Detecting the problem in the early stage and nipping it at bud is the best option because later on joint deformity can give rise to a lot of complications and the surgery won’t be as swift.

If you have knee arthritis and you are suffering from excruciating pain then get the advice from the best orthopaedic specialist in delhi at Spring Meadows Hospital at the earliest.

  • Muscle weakness – The muscle mass will be affected around the joints if you neglect the problem for long. As the muscles become weak you may take a long time to recover after the knee or hip replacement surgery.
  • Joint stiffness – The joints will become stiff as arthritis aggravates. The mobility of a person is affected greatly due to this. The pain is such that it limits the movement and the entire health is affected greatly due to lack of movement and activities.
  • The onset of serious ailments – Patients who already have hip arthritis suffer from a lot of terrible backaches. As the pressure on the back increases, patients tend to gain weight due to lack of movement. As a result, the pain aggravates, digestive disorders creep in, and cardiac and pulmonary diseases also start to develop, not to mention the onset of diabetes and many other serious diseases.

But there is nothing to worry if you take prompt action; you need toconsult an experienced orthopaedic doctor and tackle your knee and hip arthritis while you still have time. For better assistance and world-class care, reach out to Spring Meadows Hospital at the earliest.