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Tips for maintaining your posture by the spine specialist

Recent studies by experts of the spine point out the importance of a good posture in keeping away spine troubles like back or neck pain. Many a times you don’t realize the stress you have been putting on our joints or ligaments whenever you don’t sit, stand or walk properly. Just the simple act of sitting relaxed in a chair or sofa exerts a lot of pressure on the ligaments, muscles and joints connected with your spine. Sitting on things like bean bags are only aggravating the issue. So, it is always recommended to stay away from unnecessary strain and maintain correct postures for each action whether it be sitting or standing.

The solution is of course simple but first you got to learn about what a good posture is. It is basically nothing but taking care to see that any of your simple actions like sitting or standing shouldn’t strain the spine. Do you know the weight of our body is evenly borne by our spine and other muscles or joints associated with it? Hence, you must ensure that your posture is right. What you may not realize is that bad posture over a long period of time causes constant stress on our spine leading to the above-mentioned health problems.

The good part is that it is quite easy to maintain a good posture by making some small changes in your sitting or standing styles. Use proper chairs for maintaining good posture of spine and we need to go and get furniture well suited for our backs and necks. You must have chairs which will help you to sit erectly and at the same time it will also relax our spines. A good test to see if your posture is good is to see if from a side profile our body is curved smoothly like the alphabets. Don’t overdo your attempt to be erect as that can also cause strain to our spine. Our body should be straight yet relaxed.

How to maintain posture?
The following tips from the best spine hospital in Delhi should come in handy to you for maintaining a good posture:

1. While working on a computer, keep the screen at eye level. That will prevent having to look up at the screen and straining the neck.
2. In office or at home, see whether the back is fully supported by your chair up to your shoulders. Use a small pillow as a support for your lower back.
3. The keyboard or mouse should not be too far away from the body and that will help in keeping elbows bent and relaxed.
4. While bending to pick up something it is better to bend your knees a little to avoid straining your back.
5. While sleeping a small pillow under the knees will keep the spine relaxed. Also, the pillow should support the neck correctly.

So, now you know just some simple adjustments in the ways we sit or stand and opting for more spine friendly furniture instead of bean bags which look comfortable but are in fact straining our backs, can go a long way in keeping or bodies youthful and flexible forever. However, for more concerns you can always visit the best spine hospital in Delhi.

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