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Top 3 Illnesses Which Require A Visit to Internal Medicine Hospital

In recent years, among aspiring doctors, there has been a steady growing demand for the field of internal medicine. Internal medicine is basically that field of medicine which specializes in the treatment of adults. The doctors who have completed their study in internal medicine are referred to as internists and they diagnose, treat and also try to prevent everything from small illnesses to the more severe chronic illnesses in adults.

Many internists are known to sub-specialize in a particular field like heart-related illnesses or diabetes and for this, they have to undergo one to four years of extra training. During these training, they acquire the skill of dealing with any type of problem that may occur in their chosen subspecialty. This makes them experts to deal with any kind of issues that may occur during their practice.

With their expertise in internal medicine, the doctors are able to correctly diagnose the illnesses using the appropriate methods and assess the patient’s condition after studying his medical history carefully. They then decide upon the line of treatment that is best suited for that person. They also analyze the patient for tendencies towards any illnesses and through their expertise prescribe steps to prevent them. For example, they advise the patients to undergo health screening tests regularly and make it part of their routine.

Three Common Illnesses

These are the top 3 illnesses for which you may require to visit an internal medicine specialist:

1. Diabetes: This can be either type 1 or type 2 diabetes. It is the inability of the body in using insulin appropriately resulting in increased sugar levels in the body. It is very important to maintain correct sugar levels in the body as otherwise, it may lead to complications which can affect organs like kidneys, the eyes, and the nervous system. The internist will take the necessary blood tests to find out your blood sugar levels and then depending on the results found he will prescribe medicines like Metformin or insulin injections to bring the sugar to a normal safe level. He will also prescribe a suitable diet and an exercise regimen to maintain optimum sugar levels and prevent the levels from rising above the safe limits.

2. Hypertension: High blood pressure or hypertension is a condition when blood pressure levels rise above the proper limits and can potentially lead to stroke or disease of the heart. The internist records the blood pressure and then if levels are too high prescribes medicines to bring down and control the pressure. He will prescribe medicines like diuretics, beta-blockers or central agonists depending on your condition and medical history. He will also recommend lifestyle changes like a low salt diet, daily exercise and ways to reduce stress.

3. Influenza: It is a viral infection that is highly infectious and can be deadly if not treated. If affected by flu or Influenza you will have symptoms like body pain, fever, sore throat, etc. The internist with his expertise will be easily able to diagnose the illness like flu and he will prescribe a line of treatment that will include rest, adequate fluid intake along with medicines like Paracetamol to bring down the fever and control the body pain.

Thus, it can be seen that regular checkups with internal medicine specialists and timely diagnosis and accurate treatment by them can keep you in optimum health and may also prevent the need for surgery in many cases.

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