Understanding Your Joint Pain – Spring Meadows Hospital

Joint pain is the physical discomfort that causes underlying disease; examples include overuse of heavy physical activities. It is the result of an illness or injury. It can be caused by many types of injuries or conditions which are linked to arthritis or muscle pain. Joint pain affects millions of people who suffer from a wide variety of ailments and conditions.

Chronic Joint pain can be manageable but treatment is often inadequate and patients may continue to suffer. Indeed, medication is sometimes unsafe but making the rehabilitation and physical therapy is essential. Pain relief doesn’t always mean surgery, your doctor may recommend a combination of treatment to alleviate your pain and help you get moving again.

Do not let joint pain come between your living and snatching your happiness with your grand-kids and family. Avoid medication and get on with exercise to get your body fit and fine from all kind of joint pain. Physical wellness promotes care of our bodies for optional health and functioning.

How to cure and control joint pain in old people

●  A natural therapy- No side effects and get relief soon with the Ayurveda touch.

●  Cow urine is scientifically proven to enhance the antimicrobial effects of antibiotic and anti-fungal agents.

●  Exercise can help to refit the joints of the knee and keep it in a good range of motion.

●  Heat also can help relieve joint pain if you get some muscle once in a while, you can take aspirin to help ease the discomfort of your joint pain.

●  Long, warm showers especially in the morning -help ease stiffness in your joints. Cold treatment is best for relieving joint pain and swelling.

Joints are present at every point in the body where two bones come to come together and are instrumental in providing flexibility and producing movement in the body. Different types of joints are involved in the various movements, and thus are more or less likely to develop joint pain from arthritis. The bones of the shoulders, hips, knees and smaller joints in the neck and lower back are all comprised of highly flexible joints that are responsible for regular movements such as walking, running, standing, sitting, moving the arms. These are the joints that are most likely to generate pain in the joints.

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This hospital has the best Consultant Orthopaedic Specialist in Delhi. Dr. Owais A Qureshi (Consultant Orthopaedics). He has the expertise to deal with all kinds of orthopedic trauma (neglected and fresh), cold orthopedics including infectious and degenerative diseases and developmental disorders. He is the savior to more than 50% of lives through surgery & proper medication and provides the patients with better conditions of living life in the future without any ailments. He is known as the famous doctor of Spring Meadows Hospital for providing a pain-free life to old people with healthy life and laughter into greater terms of living lively.