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Vaginal Delivery vs Caesarean section

Childbirth can change woman’s body as marks it the beginning of motherhood. It is a period that can bring happiness and fulfillment to both parents as well as other members of the family. But there may be many anxious moments for Monday also and sufficient care has to be taken during the period of carrying the baby in the womb for nine months.

If proper care is taken during pregnancy, it will ensure a safe and healthy birth of the child. Depending upon the health of the mother and other conditions, the doctor at best maternity hospital in Delhi will allow you to take the decision whether it is to be a normal vaginal delivery or a Caesarean section.

Vaginal Delivery vs Caesarean section

There are different pros and cons of both types of childbirth and it is important for you to understand the differences:

Vaginal delivery

This is the natural method of delivery of a baby. It implies the baby’s delivery through the vagina and is preceded by labor pains experienced by the mother to be. In some, cases there may be the need for forceps or a vacuum device to deliver the baby safely. This method is prescribed for healthy pregnant women who do not have health complications.

Pros of Vaginal delivery:

Mothers: The recovery rate is faster than with C – section and the mothers can immediately touch, feel and breastfed the babies.

Babies: Babies born normally are more immune to allergies as compared to C – section delivered ones. Their lungs are also much more developed and stronger.

Cons of vaginal delivery:

Mothers: The exact date and time of delivery cannot be predicted. Labor pain sometimes can be too much to bear. In certain situations, an emergency C – section may be required to deliver the baby. Weakening of the pelvic muscles may occur on account of stitches needed to heal injuries during vaginal birth.

Babies: There are increased chances of injuries to babies in the vaginal method. Sometimes vacuum pumps may be required to pull out the baby.

Caesarean delivery

When pregnant women with health issues like diabetes, hypertension or any other risky conditions, doctors may recommend delivering the baby through an incision made in the abdomen’s lower portion. This procedure known as C – section may also be adopted in emergency cases when the labor pain is too unbearable for the mother or if the baby’s life is at risk. It may also be undertaken in the case of mothers infected with some virus like HIV to prevent it from spreading.

Pros of C – section:

Mothers: There is absence of labor pain in this method. The date of delivery can be planned in advance.When compared to normal delivery, there are no intercourse related issues.

Babies: Unlike in natural delivery, there is no chance of injury during Caesarean section. Also chances of spreading infection are very much reduced.

Cons of C – section:

Mothers: When compared to vaginal delivery, recovery period is much longer. Mothers face the risk of loss of blood as well as other risks connected with surgery. Frequent checkups after delivery are necessary for assessment and treatment of the wound.

Babies: Chances of babies being still born is more in C – section as compared to vaginal delivery. There are also possibilities of the baby developing breathing difficulties.

You can discuss freely about the delivery type with doctors at best hospital for maternity in Delhi. Doctors at Spring Meadows Hospital will rightly guide you depending on your health, complications in pregnancy.