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Warning signs of a Fracture

Getting fractures has become so common these days. Everyone gets a fracture at some point or the other in their lives. Especially when you are in sports then it is impossible that you have never experienced a fracture. Fractures range from tiny little cracks in your bones to breaks that can even end up in piercing of your skin. Despite it being so common, you should know how to recognize its warning signs so that you can provide immediate medical attention. In order to ensure proper healing and determine the extent of damage caused, you should get your fractures examined by the best medical professionals in the best orthopedic treatment hospital in Delhi.

Fracture signs and symptoms vary from person to person and situation to situation. If your fracture is quite severe like in the case of an open compound fracture you can even see your broken bone. The fracture of this sought is caused by a tremendous amount of force on the area. In the case of this kind of severe fractures try to seek immediate emergency medical care. But the good news is that all broken bones are not open so you do not have to rely on visual cues to know that you have a fracture. Here we have discussed some warning signs that will help you in finding out that you have a fracture or not:

  • Severe pain which intensifies with movement
  • Signs of inflammation which makes the bruising and swelling of the area.
  • Difficulty in walking or bearing any kind of weight.
  • If you experience restricted movement or complete loss of movement.
  • The unusual or deformed appearance of the fractured bone.
  • A tingling sensation or a complete loss of sensation.
  • A feeling of tenderness around the area.

Generally speaking, the pain which you experience is enough for making you aware that you might have a fracture. If in case you have a very high level of tolerance to the pain then you might have to rely on the other factors to know that you might have a broken bone. You should not delay or ignore visiting a doctor in the case when you can see an obvious deformity, if the pain and swelling do not improve with self-care, or if the pain or swelling gets worse slowly with the passing time. If your injury is interfering with your walking you shouldn’t ignore it at all and seek doctor’s attention as soon as possible.

So in the future, if you experience any sought of fractures or have experienced them already in the past but have still not recovered from it completely consider visiting the best orthopedic treatment hospital in Delhi, Spring Meadows Hospital which is the best hospital in Delhi for all your bone-related concerns. We hope that you now will easily be able to understand that when you will have to worry about taking your pain seriously after having a fall or an accident. We also hope that you are able to get the best treatments and are also able to recover soon.