Diagnosed with Breast Cancer

What to do when you are Diagnosed with Breast Cancer

Breast cancer is the most common type of cancer afflicting women, and its incidence has grown considerably over the years. Many women often enquire with their gynecologists as to whether they are at risk for breast cancer, but it is difficult to provide an accurate answer. But, don’t be fearful, be aware of how to avoid it and if you are diagnosed, then what can you do about it.

Risk factors to be taken into account to assess if you have Breast Cancer

The following are some of them are:

  1. If a close relative like a mother or sister has had breast cancer, then there is a high degree of risk of getting afflicted. If only a distant relative has been afflicted, then the likelihood is comparatively lower.
  2. Breast cancer is found to be prevalent in women aged more than 50 years. So, women around that age are more at risk.
  3. If a woman has had breast cancer in the past, then she stands a chance of getting afflicted again.
  4. Those women who have had first pregnancies after 30 years of age or those with late menopause or early menarche are likely to get breast cancer.
  5. Oral contraceptives have been known to increase the risk of breast cancer in women,

Early diagnosis of breast cancer increases the chance of successful treatment. It is an excellent practice to self – examine the breasts once in a while for any noticeable changes.

Symptoms of breast cancer

The common symptoms of breast cancer are:

  1. There may be a lump on the breasts or chest or around that area that may be felt but not seen.
  2. The shape or size of any of the breasts may have changed.
  3. The texture of the skin in that area may display some changes.
  4. The color of the breasts shows changes.
  5. Some discharge is seen from the nipple.

Diagnosing breast cancer and treatment at Obstetrics Hospital in Greater Kailash

The usual procedures for diagnosing breast cancer are mammogram, breast examination, breast ultrasound, biopsy, and MRI.

Once the diagnosis is complete, and breast cancer has been identified, there are different options for treatment like:

  1. The surgical option where a procedure called mastectomy is performed, which involves the removal of the entire affected breast or lumpectomy where only the tumor is removed, and most of the breast remains. A woman who has undergone mastectomy can undergo plastic reconstruction surgery where a breast is recreated using surrounding healthy tissue.
  2. The other method is radiation therapy which reduces the possibility of recurrence of cancer in the area. In this method, powerful radiation is used to destroy cancer cells
  3. Then there is the systemic method of treatment where medicines are sent via the bloodstream to kill cancer cells. The standard systemic methods are chemotherapy, hormonal therapy, immunotherapy, and targeted therapy.

It is essential that women get themselves examined by the best gynecologist in Delhi regularly as that increases the chances of successful treatment due to early diagnosis. Gynecologists or obstetricians are mostly well trained to recognize the symptoms of breast cancer than any other specialist. On a visit to their gynecologist, women will also learn the benefits of regular self – examination of the breasts for early diagnosis. You can visit Spring Meadows Hospital, which provides Obstetrics treatment in Greater Kailash.