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When And Why Should My Newborn Baby Get The Hepatitis Vaccine

Injection shots for newborns is indeed a painful thing for new parents to witness, but this will protect your small munchkin forever. Ensuring their healthy life is totally essential for which you must know when and why newborns need the hepatitis B shots.

Hepatitis B is a deadly disease and it is your responsibility to safeguard your newborn from this disease hence this shot is mandatory. If you ask a pediatrician he/she will recommend three hepatitis B shots for newborns.

When should your baby get the shots?

The first one has to be shortly after the birth which will ensure that the baby doesn’t contact this fatal disease from the mother or any other family member who aren’t aware that they have hepatitis B. Basically, this first shot acts as a protecting shield for the baby.

The second one must be given when the baby is one through two months old. This one is given for better protection of the baby.

The third and the final one is given when the baby is somewhere in between 6 to 18 months old. Complete the third shot and protect your baby forever from Hepatitis B.

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Why should your baby get the vaccine?

Hepatitis B is a life-threatening disease and neglecting this vaccination can have dire consequences. If a baby develops chronic hepatitis B he/she will suffer forever. Hepatitis B is a potent killer. More than 2000 people are killed every year due to this disease. In this disease, the smooth functioning of the liver is hampered an in most of the cases it leads to cirrhosis of the liver or liver scarring. In the case of liver scarring liver transplant is the only way out and seldom it doesn’t work…you can already understand the gravity of the situation. Save your child as well as other people around by ensuring that your baby gets this vaccine. In most of the cases, children with hepatitis B don’t show symptoms but the disease can easily spread from them. In the long run, your child might get cancer because of hepatitis B. Give your child the gift of a healthy childhood… won’t you want to look at your child as a healthy, jolly soul?

In this regard, it is worth mentioning that hepatitis B vaccines are absolutely safe and they effectively create a protective shield against Hepatitis B. Well, in some babies there can be a manifestation of some side effects but don’t get scared…. The side effects fade away with time.

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