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When to visit an ENT Doctor

It is a normal practice for people to go to see a family doctor for small health issues like a common cold or sore throat. Sometimes it happens that you do not feel better even after taking the medicines prescribed by the family doctor and that things are getting worse. During such times mostly doctors recommend a checkup with an ear, nose and throat specialist (ENT). It is better always to follow his advice.

An ENT doctor is someone who has made diseases of the ear, nose and throat his specialty. Hence, he is better qualified and will be having more experience in cases where your family doctor is not able to provide a cure or improvement. He is also skilled in performing cosmetic or reconstructive surgery of the ear, nose or throat areas. He also knows how to treat problems connected with nerves related to eyesight, hearing or smell. At Spring Meadows Hospital visit Best ENT Doctor in South Delhi who has the expertise to manage and treat speech defects as well as sleep-related problems like sleep apnea.

It is better to visit an ENT Doctor in any of the following cases:

 Ringing in the ears: Sometimes there may be a feeling that your ear is blocked partially and you cannot hear sounds clearly. There may also be a constant ringing sound in your ears which does not go away. These symptoms could be signifying any potential ear problem like the onset of hearing loss, or an infection of the middle ear or it could be a circulation problem.

 Changes in your voice: It may happen that your normal clear voice has undergone a change and it may either be hoarse or you could be having trouble speaking. It is better not to ignore such symptoms as it could denote something severe like laryngitis which is voice box getting inflamed on account of strain, infection or overuse, It could also be the early symptoms of laryngeal cancer or even a case of acid reflux.

Nose getting blocked: If your nose is blocked on a regular basis and you are unable to breathe freely, an ENT doctor will find out the cause. It could be because of allergy where our body responds to allergens in the air or those present in the house like dust mites. It could also be because of sinusitis where the area surrounding the nasal passages get inflamed or it may be the result of an infection in the upper respiratory tract.

Having trouble swallowing: If you are not being able to swallow food properly for a long period of time, it could be tonsillitis which is an inflammation at the backside of the throat it could also be the symptoms of pharyngitis or acid reflux.

Losing balance: It may happen that you are feeling dizzy and losing balance while in the standing position or when moving your head. All these could mean an infection of the inner ear or changes in the amount of fluid in your ear.

Delay in visiting an ENT Doctor might result in unnecessarily aggravate the symptoms and leading to complications. An ENT specialist usually diagnoses such conditions quickly and will prescribe a line of treatment which will cure you in no time.
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