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The day when you get pregnant your gynecologist will suggest you to take high protein, but again there is confusion that what we should take and what we should avoid so without falling any clueless thing I would like to prefer regional food based advice.  If you just recover from injury or you are pregnant and are not eating correctly you will lose more protein as compared you built per day. This will lead to hair loss, nail breakage, long term loss of bone and muscle tissue. This mean that the heart, lungs, insulin begins to function at use optimal rates, leaving you tired, fat and even diabetic. This is why you will see the history of gestational diabetes. Muscle protein synthesis is also one of the main reason why fasting or staying hungry for a long time during pregnancy is bad idea as it lead to protein loss.

If you are planning to have a baby, it’s an ideal time to think about your health and that of your partner. If you’re overweight or underweight, it’s a good idea to try to achieve a healthy weight before you stop using contraceptives. Do visit Spring Meadows Hospital (One of the Leading Maternity Hospital in Delhi) for Maternity Diet Plans.

For starters do pregnant women need more protein? Yes. Do you get a certain nutrient only from one specific food? No we must eat food and nutrient food delivers much more a single nutrient or multiple nutrients. More protein is the sensational part of the scientific fact of “Positive Nitrogen Balance”. To achieve a positive nitrogen balance you must not be on calorie restricted diet, sleep on time and lead an active life. The increased demand for adequate protein intake throughout the duration of pregnancy is not met then impared substrate metabolism results in the inability to maintain an optimal metabolism during pregnancy. It is critical to define safe limits and type of protein intake during pregnancy in various populations. Current protein intake recommendation during pregnancy is based on factorial estimate because the traditional nitrogen balance method of determining protein requirement is particularly involving.

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